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Taipei Music Center

Taipei Music Center
Music belongs to everyone, which is why Taipei Music Center was born to be both local and international, welcoming, and friendly to all. TMC is where Taiwanese pop musicians can find the most support for music production, performances, and project cultivation. It is also the most familiar corner for the general public to get in touch with music culture and enjoy music performances. The comfortable and spacious compound of TMC best demonstrates the concepts of "Music is Life, Living in Music."


The Concert Hall is also known as the “Spacecraft”. The outline of the building corresponds to the beautiful mountains in Taiwan, as well as to symbolize the rise of Taiwan pop music. The Concert Hall is designed exclusive for pop music performances. The building has five stories above and three stories below ground. With a capacity of 5,000 seating, including dressing rooms, lounges, rehearsal rooms, administration office and information center.


Pop music has always been an essential intangible historical material when it comes to recording contemporary culture. Taipei Music Center’s Cultural Cube is the first domestic exhibition center that revolves around the theme of popular music. The venue curates permanent and special exhibitions that organize and display the history of Taiwan pop music, showcasing the priceless collection of Taiwan pop music's vibrant interdisciplinary energy that invites the public into the world of Taiwan's pop music development and production process. These insights of the past will always be with us as we stand and look back in the future.
In the Cultural Cube, savor the classic times of Taiwan pop music and tribute to the limitless potential of upcoming wonders.


Taipei Music Center Creative Hub accommodates multi-functional spaces for the pop music community, such as recording studios, rehearsal studios, offices, and more. The post-production stage of music-making is equally critical as executing a live performance. With the hope to fully support the music ecosystem, TMC connects the upstream, midstream, downstream of the industry chain, providing resources while cultivating a new generation of talents in the music industry as its top priority. The leading position of Taiwan's pop music in the Asian community can only be sustained by raising the bar for music quality, while also discovering and cultivating talents from brand new generations. The Creative Hub will lead Taiwan pop music into a new era.